Alusion is a soft focus cosmetic pigment based on Advanced Nano Technologies plate-like aluminium oxide manufactured using MCP technology.

In April 2009, Advanced Nano Technologies executed a technology licensing agreement with the global pharmaceuticals and chemicals group Merck KGaA (Merck) of Darmstadt, Germany. Under the agreement, Merck is granted exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and sell products utilising Advanced Nano Technologies plate-like alumina technology within the fields of cosmetics, coatings, printing, plastics and/or decorative applications.

The first product commercialised under the agreement is RonaFlair® White Sapphire, exclusively manufactured by Advanced Nano Technologies and globally marketed by Merck for use in cosmetics and personal care applications. Extension of this technology by Merck into industrial applications including effect pigments, automotive paints and functional coatings is anticipated.

Other potential applications beyond the scope of the technology licensing agreement with Merck include bulk ceramics and composite materials.