Corporate Governance

The objective of the Board of Advanced Nano Technologies Limited (“Antaria”) is to create and deliver long term shareholder value through a range of diversified but interrelated product sales and development in cosmetics and sunscreen.
Advanced Nano Technologies and its subsidiaries operate as a single economic entity under a unified Board and management. As such, the Board’s corporate governance arrangements apply to all entities within the economic Group (“the Group”).
Advanced Nano Technologies Limited has adopted the recommendations of the ASX Corporate Principles Edition 3. Advanced Nano Technologies has completed and lodged an Appendix 4G in conjunction with the lodgement of its Annual Report. Advanced Nano Technologies has clearly explained in its governance strategy where principles have been adopted and if not why not.

The following documents constitute Advanced Nano Technologies current Corporate Governance Guidelines:

  1. Corporate Governance Statement
  2. Audit & Risk Committee Charter
  3. Board Charter
  4. Continuous Disclosure Policy
  5. Corporate Code of Conduct
  6. Diversity Policy
  7. Remuneration & Governance Committee Charter
  8. Securities Dealing Policy
  9. Shareholder Communication Policy
  10. Shareholder Privacy Policy

The Board has reviewed and approved all charters, codes and policies referred to in these Guidelines. These documents may, at the discretion of the Board, be amended or updated from time to time.