NanoZThe Nanofine Zinc Oxide for transperant long lasting industrial UV protection

    nanoZ™ is a transparent industrial zinc oxide nanoparticle dispersion for functional coating formulations to protect wood, plastics and textiles from UV and microbial degradation. nanoZ™ provides the industrial coatings market a solution to the problems with the long term stability of the current transparent organic-based UV absorbers.


    Size distribution

    Light scatter

    Size distribution graph

    Number distribution determined by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy demonstrating:

    • discrete particle
    • narrow particle size distribution
    Light scatter graph

    UV/Vis Transmittance Spectrum demonstrating:

    • broad spectrum UV blocking
    • high transparency
    The choice is clear for cosmetic clarity and broad spectrum UV bloacking

    Particle size

    Particle size image

    TEM Particle Size = 30nm


    Greater than 99.0% zinc oxide and meets BP and USP specification for heavy metals.

    Particle size measurement

    Electron Micrograph


    XRD crystallite size


    Photon Correlation Spectroscopy


    Specific surface area corresponds to a particle size


    As a guide to nanopowder quality Advanced Nano aims for a close correlation in the above particle size measuring techniques. The combination with transparency levels in UV/Vis curves gives a very good indication of particle size and dispersion.