The vision of Advanced Nano Technologies is to become a world-class leader in the development and manufacture of the world's finest materials. To achieve this goal we:

  • manufacture products and provide services that consistently meet the needs and requirements of our customers.
  • involve all employees and customers as appropriate in continually improving the value of our products.
  • build strong partnerships with our customers and distributors, to enhance the quality of our products and hence the long term profitability and growth of Advanced Nano Technologies.
  • ensure compliance with all relevant quality standards and regulations through a highly motivated Quality team.

Advanced Nano Technologies strives for continuous improvement and the highest quality in all facets of our activities. Our aim is to provide innovative products and services that excite our customers and exceed their expectations of quality, reliability and value.

Evidence of our commitment to quality performance is our registration to ISO 9001:2008. The quality management system ensures consistent high quality products by identifying the needs of our customers and applicable regulatory requirements. Our goal is to produce quality assured products that guarantee customer satisfaction through the diligent application of the quality management system.