Global Chemist Network

    The vision of Advanced Nano Technologies is to become a world-class leader in the development of a library of market ready end formulations to be sold globally by our distribution network.

    We currently have 24 chemists in the network and are looking to grow this number to beyond 40.

    Further evidence of our commitment to quality performance is our registration of ISO 9001:2008. The quality management system ensures consistent high quality products by identifying the needs of our customers and applicable regulatory requirements. Our goal is to produce quality assured products that guarantee customer satisfaction through the diligent application of the quality management system. This system will go through the transition process to ISO 9001:2015 at the end of 2017.


    Formulation Chemists

    Company Country Formulations
     ACT Solutions Corp. USA  Sunscreen, Facial Cream.
     Cosmacon GmbH Germany   Sunscreen, Facial Cream, Facial Serum, Facial Mask, Lipsticks.
     JPH Suncare England  Mens Care.
     Here 2 Grow England  Skin Care.
     Above Rinaldi Labs Inc. USA  
     Allure Labs USA   
     Antrim Cosmetic Solutions Canada  
     Beauty Lab Greece    
     Cosmetech Laboratories USA  
     Cosmetic Lab Solutions Germany  
     Cosmetic Solutions South Africa  
     Ephyla Natural Active Design France  
     ESSND Global India  
     First Step Cosmetics England  
     GreenPharma France  
     Inovapotek Portugal  
     Laboratories Klein Cosmetica Spain  
     Sinerga Skin Evolution Italy  
     Skinnovation England  
     S&C Consultancy Belgium  
     Solar Skin Technologies USA  
     Susan Raffy Consulting USA   
     Tioga Reseach Inc. USA   
     Van Loon Chemical Innovations The Netherlands  
     Verdi Enterprises USA