Services and Formulation Support

As a leading developer of zinc oxide products, Advanced Nano Technologies is able to provide the following services.

Advanced Nano Technologies employs experienced formulators who are able to provide effective formulation guidance for all types including O/W, W/O emulsions, lip balms, and anhydrous products, etc.
The formulation guidance includes:
Ingredient recommendations which match your target market requirements, i.e. all natural etc.
Compatibility of ingredient components
Process directions & method order
Maximum efficacy & SPF performance
Meeting UVA requirements
Trouble shooting
Advanced Nano Technologies laboratory facilities contain temperature controlled stability chambers.  Advanced Nano Technologies can provide accelerated stability to predict how stable the formulation is.  Stable formulations shall retain same properties and characteristics when stressed. This can be a valuable tool whilst in the development stage, as much information can be gathered in the first month.
Whilst formulating, you may want to get an indication of SPF & UVA performance.  Advanced Nano Technologies laboratory facilities can provide this testing, providing you with feedback on the efficacy of your formulation, without going to the expense of in vivo testing while still in the development stage.
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