ZinClear IM

ZinClear IM™ is an innovative range of transparent zinc oxide (ZnO) dispersions for use in a wide variety of suncare, skincare and cosmetic products.

Product range

ZinClear IM™ dispersions are available in four emollient bases, developed to cater for the varying needs of the suncare industry.

Product Name ZnO Emollient Advantages
ZinClear IM®50AB 50% C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate Widely used in mass market suncare
ZinClear IM®50CCT 50% Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride All natural, NPA certified
ZinClear IM®50JJ 50% Natural Golden Jojoba All natural, NPA certified
ZinClear IM®55L7 55% Neopentyl Glycol Diheptanoate Lighter, drier feel, high zinc oxide loading
Highest transparency

ZinClear IM™ utilises breakthrough Index-Match™ technology which allows zinc oxide particles to remain highly transparent on the skin. The zinc oxide particles in ZinClear IM™ have a unique porous structure that provides closer refractive-index matching between the particles and the emollient, thus achieving the highest level of transparency. This innovative technology allows ZinClear IM™ to offer market leading transparencies exceeding those of first generation nano-sized inorganic products.

A comparison of transparency between ZinClear IM™ and competitors' zinc oxide products is shown in the chart below.

The market leading transparency of ZinClear IM™ dispersions is illustrated in the picture below, which shows various dispersions drawn down on black paper (darker colour represents higher transparency).

zinc oxide A   zinc oxide B   ZinClear IM®   zinc oxide C zinc oxide D

Light enough for everyday wear

Modern formulations containing zinc oxide have advanced a long way from the heavy, pasty-white zinc oxide sunscreens made famous by surfers in the 1980s. Zinc oxide is now increasingly used in everyday skincare products, including moisturisers and foundations that offer light feel and easy application. The remarkably high transparency of ZinClear IM™, even at maximum permissible use levels, allows formulators to create aesthetically pleasing products that do not leave any residual whiteness on the skin.

The natural choice in sun care

The sales of natural products in the personal care sector are currently experiencing unprecedented growth. The mineral nature of zinc oxide, combined with the natural ingredients used in ZinClear IM™ 50CCT and ZinClear IM™ 50JJ, make these an ideal choice for use in 'all-natural' and 'mineral-only' suncare and skincare products.

Achieving high SPF with zinc oxide

Recent improvements in formulation have made it possible to achieve high SPF using ZinClear IM™ as the sole UV filter.

Photostability – maintaining high levels of protection

SPF testing methods specified by regulatory authorities typically require sunscreen samples to be irradiated prior to testing to ensure that products remain effective during sun exposure. Many commonly used chemical absorbers suffer inherent photo-instability, gradually losing effectiveness as they are exposed to UV radiation. ZinClear IM™ is photostable in formulations, offering reliable protection that lasts.

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