ZinClear XP

ZinClear XP™ is a high performance zinc oxide (ZnO) powder which leaves no whiteness in formulations when applied on the skin. The UVA performance of ZinClear XP™ has been optimised to ensure compliance with the toughest sunscreen regulations around the world.

Enhanced UVA protection

A unique advantage of zinc oxide is that its absorbance profile intrinsically spans both UVA and UVB. This property has been enhanced in ZinClear XP™ to maximise the UV protection efficacy of products in which it is used. This enables ZinClear XP™ to be used on its own or in combination with other filters to meet regulatory requirements:

  • UVAPF ≥ 1/3 SPF
  • Critical wavelength ≥ 370nm

UV/visible spectrum, ZinClear XP™ compared to titanium dioxide (TiO2) and conventional zinc oxide

Superior Aesthetics

Exceptionally high transparency and low whiteness are possible even at maximum use levels thanks to the market leading performance of ZinClear XP™

Formulation Versatility

The high performance and powder format of ZinClear XP™ allow it to be used in various formulation types, for example W/O or O/W emulsions, sticks, and sun oils. This versatility makes it ideal for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from low-SPF daily wear moisturisers and cosmetics to high-SPF beach wear products. ZinClear XP™ may be used alone as the only active ingredient or to provide extra UVA and UVB protection in formulations containing TiO2 or organic chemical filters.

  • Suncare products: appealing formulations that meet the toughest regulatory requirements
  • Everyday cosmetics: effective UV protection without compromising transparency and skin feel.
Replacing chemical filters

The cost effectiveness of ZinClear XP™, combined with its superior properties, enables replacement of chemical filters in suncare formulations. Advantages of using ZinClear XP™ include:

  • High transparency and low whiteness, comparable to formulations made with chemical filters
  • 100% mineral and natural UV protection when used as the only filter or in combination with TiO2
  • Photostable on its own; no stabilisers required.
  • Simpler formulation with ZinClear XP™ as a stand-alone broad spectrum filter
  • Suitable for sensitive skins; zinc oxide sunscreens are widely recommended by dermatologists for patients with skin disorders or those suffering sensitisation or irritation resulting from the use of chemical based sunscreens.
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